Project info

I, who am the chorus is rooted in an approach to character work. In each of the pieces, a single character responds to his surroundings, his movements shifting between his public demeanor and private thoughts, between his own story and the buildings around him, between real and imagined aspects of his situation.

During my years of touring as a clown with Cirque du Soleil, my understanding of a character’s experience of his own limitations and the transcending of these limitations (intentionally or not) was altered. I found myself comparing the physical risks taken by acrobats and the emotional risks taken by characters/clowns. I’m interested in how limitations can be made to seem extreme, ridiculous, and transcendent.

Traditional performance forms were my primary resource; their codified performance languages can be used to articulate heightened emotional states. I play with the ways that different performance styles can express a character’s various experiences and states of mind. Rather than restage historical forms in their entirety, this project attempts to question the limitations expressed by the different styles of movement and the efforts made by the character to transcend those limitations.