Ray Rinaldi Interviews Wayne Ashley for the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Magazine

“My experience tells me that both audiences and artists alike hunger for new social, perceptual and experiential opportunities that lie outside and/or in between dance, theater, and visual art. I think it is a marketing problem, a venue problem. I think some institutions have locked themselves into particular ways of programming and cannot easily respond to how contemporary artists work.” Interview with Wayne Ashley.
– Ray Rinaldi – Inside Arts, Conference 2014 – 8/2014


“I met Wayne Ashley, the Founding Artistic Director of FuturePerfect, in Montreal, at Elektra Festival, when his project was just beginning in New York. FuturePerfect now is a performance, media, visual art and technology platform. They commission, produce, and present new work, offer residencies, talks, education, and opportunities for touring.” Interview with Wayne Ashley.
– ANNE-CÉCILE WORMS – DigitalArti – 1/2012


And All the Question Marks Started to Sing might be the most extravagant experience Dance Theater Workshop has ever hosted. The hour-long, enigmatic fantasia of theater, music and visual and sound art, created by Norway’s Bessie-winning Verdensteatret collective, commandeers nearly every surface of DTW’s performance space and explodes throughout its air.”
– Eva Yaa Asantewaa – Dance Bloggers – 2/26/2011

And All the Question Marks Started to Sing looks to be one of the more unusual and immersive presentations in recent memory. It may, in fact, manage the feat of putting Verdensteatret on the tip of your tongue.”– Mark Peikert – CityArts – 2/22/2011

“Performed by the Norwegian art collective Verdensteatret … this production continued the group’s magical explorations into hybrid forms in which performance, installation, animation and sound unite for the good of art.”– Gia Kourlas - The New York Times - 2/27/2011

“…A concert is playing. The musicians, though, are DJs, robots and sinister looking contraptions comprising bicycle wheels and crocodile clips, all casting eerie shadows on the dimly lit, white walls. Utterly mesmerizing, quietly terrifying, the work by the Verdensteatret collective is a must-see…”– Smart Shanghai


“Elevator Repair Service’s actors are virtuosic storytellers. DuringShuffle they created meaning through the grain of their voices, their gestures, and the ways in which they interacted with their listeners.”– Minou Arjomand– n+1 – 9/19/2011

Shuffle…[is] as exciting a collaboration for techy literary theatre geeks as the Traveling Wilburys were for cool dads.– Samantha Henig - The New Yorker - 5/25/2011

“The best part of every performance came near the end, when two actors would retire to a far table, by the coin-operated copying machine, and race through all three novels — or snippets of them — in two and a half minutes, frantically slapping one down and picking up another before flinging that one down and grabbing a different book — or maybe another copy of the same one. It was like watching people cram for an exam while on amphetamines.”– Charles McGrath – The New York Times – 5/23/2011


“Hentschläger’s piece delivered literally on the hackneyed promise that art will refashion one’s way of seeing the world.”– Kenneth Baker - San Francisco Chronicle - 11/23/2008


“The artists group Between Music collaborate with Danish and multinational researchers to develop a violin, harp, organ, glockenspiel
and piano for a large underwater concert in Denmark, AquaSonic.”– Thomas Djursing - Ingeniøren - 11/06/2014

“…they descend into large tanks filled with water to experiment with sound, in the space between fear of death and absolute freedom. Their work has included everything from whale experts to water organs, tonal ‘drip instruments’, divers and weight belts. Meet the artists behind AquaSonic – the world’s first underwater concert project!.”– Lis Raabjerg Kruse - Gramex - 06/2014