winter guests – America Ep. 3: SuperAmateur


Capacity: TBD
Stage: TBD
Running Time: TBD
Availability: 2017 onward

Tour Dates and Availability

Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway (World Premiere)
September 1 – 3, 2017

Norwegian director and choreographer Alan Øyen, best known for his epic 5 ½ hour-long play Coelacanth and his multi-media performance Flawed, an aggressive look at intolerance towards difference, has been working on the long awaited America Ep. 3: SuperAmateur. This is part three of Øyen’s AMERICA trilogy — a massive reflection on America based on the company’s travels throughout the US. During these trips the team gathers raw recordings of conversations from chance encounters with “real Americans” they meet along the way.

The company combines transcripts from these recordings with original text, improvisation and video to create intimate and emotive portraits that are both unusual and poignant. After a recent research trip to San Fransisco, winter guests will complete its trilogy with a large-scale theatrical work that explores American reality as a film-fiction staged on a full-sized movie set.

America Ep. 3: SuperAmateur follows America: Visions of Love (2009), a staged road-movie featuring a host of characters, among them a film booker from New England who has recreational sex on the weekends with truck drivers and a 22 year-old drunk who fears the threat of World War III; and America Ep. 2: Psychopatriot (2016), a self-reflexive staging of a “Great American Novel” about the company itself and their residence in The Hamptons at Watermill Center.