Between Music – AquaSonic

FuturePerfect Productions and Between Music

In September 2013, the Danish music ensemble Between Music approached FuturePerfect to help produce its newest project AquaSonic. Regarded as one of their most ambitious and interdisciplinary works yet, AquaSonic is a visual performance, art installation, and concert for liquid space. Equipped with custom made underwater instruments, five musicians and singers submerge themselves completely in their own individual water tanks, and from these seemingly claustrophobic enclosures produce the most extraordinary music and sound that is both hauntingly melodic and deeply turbulent.  Over the past several years principal artists Laila Skovmand and Robert Karlsson have been working with scientists at the University of Toronto and Aarhus to develop a number of highly peculiar subaqueous instruments including an underwater organ or hydraulophone and an electromagnetic harp. They have also developed a rhythmical waterwheel-like instrument, percussion, and a special technique for singing underwater. The result will be a concert experience out of the ordinary; a deep dive into a compelling visual universe and a new world of sound. It is organic, raw, aesthetic – and deeply original

As their international producer, FuturePerfect is working closely with the artists to design and implement a multi-phase plan for completing and touring the work. This involves locating artist-in-residencies, opportunities for presentation, potential funding, identifying additional artistic collaborators, scientists and financial partners and sponsors.


“The artists group Between Music collaborate with Danish and multinational researchers to develop a violin, harp, organ, glockenspiel and piano for a large underwater concert in Denmark, AquaSonic.”– Thomas Djursing - Ingeniøren - 11/06/2014

“…they descend into large tanks filled with water to experiment with sound, in the space between fear of death and absolute freedom. Their work has included everything from whale experts to water organs, tonal ‘drip instruments’, divers and weight belts. Meet the artists behind AquaSonic – the world’s first underwater concert project!.”– Lis Raabjerg Kruse - Gramex - 06/2014