Carte Blanche – by carte blanche


by carte blanche is a new ambitious dance work created collectively by the entire 13-member company. They invite a special musical guest to collaborate during each night of the performance. Meeting just hours before curtain, dancers and musicians must engage in a process of negotiation and acceptance to arrive at a performative agreement. Thus, without the traditional hierarchy in place, the pathways of possibility and unpredictability multiply, giving way to unique stage moments that are both difficult and breathtaking.

In this approximately one-hour length work, Carte Blanche boldly foregrounds the choreographic process as a lens for re-thinking matters of governance, control and power at a time when political uncertainty once again seems to have grown heavier and more pervasive. Through both improvisation and risk, the dancers arrive at an artistic creation that is forged by “diverging ideas, opinions, wills and stories that form a body, a complex and multi-faceted being, with concrete movements and activities.”



Capacity: TBD
Stage: TBD
Running Time: 60min
Availability: 2017 – 2019

Personnel (TBD)

Dancers: Guro Rimeslåtten, Caroline Eckly, Nuria Navarra Vilasalò, Sara Enrich Bertran, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Miryam Gracia Mariblanca**, Ole Martin Meland, Mathias Stoltenberg, Hugo Marmelada, Jack Lorentzen/Harald Beharie, Christopher Flinder Petersen, Dawid Lorenc

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