Curating, Presenting, and Producing

Co-Presented with CPR–Center for Performance Research

This panel highlights the dynamic and evolving nexus between performance, media, art and technology from the overlapping perspectives of curating, producing, and presenting. Three distinguished curators / producers will show examples and discuss the practical and theoretical challenges of presenting this hybrid work—whether in a museum space, outdoor installation, concert stage, or the web. From Bill Viola’s media spectacle Tristan und Isolde at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, to choreographer Trisha Brown’s collaboration with computers in how long does the subject linger on the edge of the volume…; from Adrianne Wortzel’s A Re-enactment of The Battle of the Pyramids, a performance installation of reconfigured robotic toys; to German composers and sound artists Daniel Teige and Volkmar Klien’s work created for a 360° aural environment—no form of artistic practice has been left untouched by the dramatic advances in telecommunications and computer technologies.

How are we now defining, framing, and conceptualizing this complex zone of artistic production, curatorial practice, and presentation? What new intellectual, creative, and artistic opportunities exist as computers and telecommunications networks mature and become increasingly inseparable from contemporary culture? How are different organizational cultures tackling these technological and artistic challenges, and with what results? Are new curatorial models emerging? What curatorial and producing opportunities exist outside of established cultural institutions?

Panelists include: Christiane Paul (Whitney Museum of Art / The New School), Jon Nakagawa (Director of Contemporary Programming, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts), Micah Silver (Curator, EMPAC).