Findlay//Sandsmark + Pettersen – o’death at PS122

Date / Location

Jan 12 @ 6pm
Jan 13 @ 7pm
Jan 14 @ 7pm
Jan 15 @ 10pm
Jan 16 @ 9pm
Jan 17 @ 5pm

Venue: Ideal Glass Gallery, 22 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10003

Presented by Performance Space 122 in partnership with Ideal Glass Gallery at COIL 2016 with support from FuturePerfect

o’ death is a multidisciplinary performance installation that impossibly and playfully attempts to prove that death does not exist and everything we have ever loved is not enough. Built on a reflexive interaction between sound and movement, the performance comes alive amidst towering styrofoam sculptures and mechanical trees, giving sound a physical presence through movements, objects and lights.