Norway Now 2015

Date / Location

Saturday January 10, 2015
10:00 – 12:00pm Featured Speakers and Networking Event
Invitation Only

Scandinavia House
58 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016

Produced by FuturePerfect Productions and Performing Arts Hub Norway with support from the Royal Norwegian Consulate of New York

Since the early 2000s, a new generation of Norwegian artists has been developing and advancing a vital independent performance scene both in Norway and abroad. Norway offers a unique set of political, economic and social circumstances for exploring how independent performing artists research, innovate, develop, and disseminate their work within a dynamic framework of government agencies and cultural institutions, as well as individual and private efforts. A panel of six compelling artists—working in and between dance, theater, visual art, film and music—talk about their artistic strategies, themes, and contexts. What are the opportunities for international collaboration, co-production, and presenting? Tom Sellar, editor of Yale’s international performance journal Theater and Noémie Solomon, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Dance Studies at Brown University, moderate this two-hour symposium.

The special convening brings together fifteen Norwegian artists and companies, and thirty international presenters, curators, producers and festival directors to the Scandinavia House in New York City.

Featured Artists include:

winter guests is an international touring company performing works by Alan Lucien Øyen from Bergen, Norway. winter guests tells stories of the contemporary world with words, video, music and movement. The works are often based on real life experiences, including original text, transcribed recordings and improvisations. The company often inserts its own reality into the subject matter of the piece – resulting in rich, eccentric and entertaining performances in a constantly shifting format. Described as “sincere and emotive”, the performances have won several awards and engaged audiences and critics alike. In 2014 they won the HEDDA award, the most distinguished award for theatre in Norway, in the category best written stage-play, for their epic 5 ½ hour long play Coelacanth. The piece also earned them nominations for best play and best director. winter guests is closely associated with BIT-teatergarasjen, and as of January 2013 Alan Lucien Øyen has been Artist in Residence at the new Norwegian Opera House in Oslo. The company is currently involved in a series of productions premiering 2015/16, among them Simulacrum. The work features 75-year-old Japanese flamenco legend Shoji Kojima in a polyphonic theatrical event that mixes opera, contemporary dance, Flamenco and Kabuki. Alan Lucien Øyen also continues to create commissioned work ranging from dance to film and theatre.

Mia Habib is a dancer and choreographer based in Oslo. She has worked with many renowned international artists including: Ong Keng Sen, Tommy Noonan/ PVC company, Meg Stuart, and numerous others. In 2012 Mia Habib was the mentor and artistic director with Iris Lana of The New Dance Project 2012 and The Dance Arena Festival at HaZira in Jerusalem. She is a collaborator with Sweet & Tender Collaborations, a former member of the board of The Norwegian Opera and Ballet and on the board of directors of the Middle East Institute of Multitrack Diplomacy.

Ingun Bjørnsgaard founded Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt (IBP) in 1992. She is without question one of Norway’s leading vanguard choreographers of the past 20 years. Her career spans from the highly profiled inauguration of The Norwegian Opera & Ballet’s Scene 2 in 2008, to a range of choreography commissions for prominent European dance theatres. Through advanced research with her own company (IBP) she has developed a highly individualized dance-theatre language for chamber format.

Findlay// Sandsmark (F//S) is a Norway based performance company working across the disciplines of dance, theater, live music and video art. For the past 4 years the collaborative constellation Findlay/Sandsmark and Pettersen have created several productions in the borderland between performing arts and installation. In that brief time, they have made 4 large scale performances – now and nowhere else (2010), fractured bones/let’s get lost (2011/2012), biograph, last year was pretty/shitty (2013/2014), and o’ death (2014/2015), as well as several other shorter pieces/ studies together. For each project they invite other collaborators to work with them, such as: Diane Madden (Trisha Brown Dance Company), Eric Dyer (Radiohole), Joey Truman, Victor E. Morales, Peter Warren, Ruud van den Akker (Wooster Group), Jim Dawson, Young Jean Lee, Claudia La Rocco, Jason Rogenes etc. Their work has been presented nationally and internationally, including at PS122 in NYC, Black Box Teater in Oslo, Bit Teatergarasjen in Bergen, Tou Scene in Stavanger, Teater Avant Garden in Trondheim, Dansens Hus in Oslo, The Performing Garage in NYC, and under the festival Oktoberdans in Bergen. Their current project o’ death will premiere at Black Box Teater’s Oslo International Teater Festival in March, and will have performances at Bit Teatergarasjen in Bergen, and Tou Scene in Stavanger.

Since 2003, Lise Lie has been directing, performing, conceptualizing and writing professionally for her own projects and productions. Her pieces exist at the intersection of performance art and text-based theater. Through a mixture of pop-culture, trash and misanthropic honesty she has influenced the Norwegian performance scene with such works as Pony of No Return and Sons of Liberty. In 2012 she joined the A.pass post-graduate program for performance research in Brussels, Belgium.

Guri Glans is a performer and production manager with NIE – New International Encounter. She has worked with the company since 2011, mainly as an actress and co-creator on the production Museum of Memories, which has toured extensively and is bound for NYC in 2016. She also works with Jo Strømgren Kompani and Teater Joker. She has an education from Ecole Jaques Lecoq, Lee Strasberg and Oslo University College.

Other participating artists include: Jo Strømgren, NONcompany, Toyboys, Molitrix Scenekunst, Zero visibility corp, Haugen Produksjoner, Siri & Snelle, Ingri Fiksdal and Teater Joker.

Norway Now–Performing Arts from the Northern Latitudes is made possible by support from Performing Arts Hub Norway (PAHN) and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York.