Norway Now 2018


Date: Sunday, January 14th, 2018
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Place: Scandinavia House, 58 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016

Invitation only

RSVP to Lisa Reynolds before December 22, 2017

Program (PDF)

Produced by Performing Arts Hub Norway and FuturePerfect with support from The Royal Norwegian Consulate in New York

Performing Arts Hub Norway, together with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York and FuturePerfect present Norway Now: Performing Arts from the Northern Latitudes, the 6th annual convening of artists, producers, presenters and festival directors focusing on the vibrant and rigorous performing arts coming out of Norway.

On Sunday January 14, 2018 in the magnificent Scandinavia House, eighteen artists and producers talk about their exciting projects in film, dance, physical theater, live music, puppetry, installation and video art. Each artist gives a 5-minute pitch highlighting one work that is ready to tour. This is followed by networking opportunities for international collaboration, co-production and presenting.

Over the past six years Norway Now’s efforts have been highly successful! We have both brought presenters to Norway to see new work and helped tour Norwegian artists and companies throughout North America. Some of these have included Jo Strømgren, Verdensteatret, Findlay/Sandsmark, NIE Company, Ingri Fiksdal, Heine Avdal, Wakka Wakka, Alan Øyen / winter guests, Ingun Bjornsgaard and many others. Participating venues have included BAM, EMPAC, The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, Watermill Center, New York Theater Workshop, Abrons Art Center, Philadelphia FringeArts, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, the Kennedy Center, On the Boards, Wexner Art Center, and others.

Featured photo credit: Tale Hendnes / Jo Strømgren Kompani

WEE-SCAVETTA/KIPPERBERG (multi-disciplinary) was established by Francesco Scavetta and Gry Kipperberg in Oslo in 1999. The company is known for its original style and extensive international activity.

KRISTINSDOTTIR/WILLYSON (physical theater / multidisciplinary) make theatre performances with a complex interplay of text and sound and a raw, expressive presence, blending facts and fiction, merging collective and private experience.

TONY TRAN/ANDREAS LEONARDSEN (dance) are freelance contemporary dance artists based in Oslo. Tran studied at National Academy of Arts in Norway. In 2012 with Hedda Rivrud, they founded the company Tran/Rivrud Project and have since produced two critically acclaimed works.

PLEXUS POLAIRE (theater / puppetry) is an international theater company based in Norway and France. Through puppet, music and video, Plexus Polaire gives life to the most deeply buried feelings.

KRISTIN RYG HELGEBOSTAD (dance) is a graduate of Oslo’s National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), where she received a BA in modern and contemporary dance and an MA in choreography. She is active in several art groups both as performer and choreographer.

HEINE AVDAL & YUKIKO SHINOZAKI (multi-disciplinary) fieldworks is the organization that creates, produces, distributes and promotes the artistic work of Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki. The artists draw on a broad range of disciplines and expertise: performance, dance, visual arts, video, music, and technology.

FINDLAY//SANDSMARK (multi-disciplinary) is a Norway based performance company working across the disciplines of dance, theater, live music and video art.

SIRI & SNELLE (dance) Since meeting each other in 1991 Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall have been collaborating on new forms of dance and performance fueled by their shared belief in true artistic freedom.

MIA HABIB PRODUCTIONS (dance) is an Oslo-based dancer, performer and choreographer working at the intersection of performance, exhibitions, publications, lectures, teaching, mentoring and curating always guided by a choreographic logic.

JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI (dance) is characterized by extensive blend of genres, research on absurd humor, exploration of nonsensical language techniques, the use of actors as dance performers and a somewhat peculiar choice of themes.

CARTE BLANCHE (dance) is the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance. The ensemble consists of 12- 15 dancers of many nationalities around the world, particularly known for their strong stage presence, high technical abilities and their individual creativity.

INGRI FIKSDAL (dance) is a Norwegian choreographer and performer. Her work deals with perception and affectivity, and places equal emphasis on music/sound, light design, scenography, costume and dance/choreography.

INGUN BJØRNSGAARD PROSJEKT (dance) was founded in Oslo in 1992 by Ingun Bjørnsgaard, a choreographer whose work continues to influence the Nordic dance scene. Through her own company, she rigorously follows an artistic vision together with a preeminent ensemble of dancers who sensitively engage in the creation of movement and dramaturgy.

PANTA REI DANSETEATER (dance / theater) is known for fast-paced colorful dance theatre performances that are accessible to a wide range of audiences in a variety of theatrical and non-theatrical spaces.

THE KRUMPLE (physical theater) is an international theater company based in Oslo and Paris, committed to creating dynamic, daring physical work through expressive movement.

WINTER GUESTS (dance / theater / film) is an international touring company from Bergen, Norway, performing works by Alan Lucien Øyen. winter guests tells stories of the contemporary world with words, video, music and movement.

ZERO VISIBILITY CORP. / INA CHRISTEL JOHANNESSEN (dance) Ina Christel Johannessen is one of Norway’s most renowned dance artists – a pioneer. With her company zero visibility corp. she thrills audiences worldwide.

NEW INTERNATIONAL ENCOUNTER (NIE) (physical theater) is an international company that makes award-winning theatre performances and projects through a mix of physical theatre, multiple languages, live music, storytelling and a European ensemble.

Performing Arts Hub Norway (PAHN) is a national competence center organized as a network consisting of 106 member groups. The foundation’s mission is to promote professional performing arts nationally and internationally, particularly emphasizing independent performing arts in Norway. Tove Bratten, General Director / Christina Friis, Senior Adviser / Geir Lindahl, Adviser.

FuturePerfect Productions is a New York-based international research, development and production studio with a special focus on the future of live performance in relationship to new and emerging technologies. FuturePerfect develops artistic works through close and often long-term relationships with some of today’s most interesting artists, scientists, researchers and organizations. Through ongoing collaborations FuturePerfect generates and supports new directions in performance and visual culture through commissions, consulting, project management, concept development, production residencies, presentations and symposia. The studio was founded in 2008 by Wayne Ashley, the former Director of Arts in Multimedia at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). Wayne Ashley, Executive Producer / Lisa Reynolds, Project Coordinator / Xander Seren, Associate Producer.

Royal Norwegian Consulate General, New York was established in 1906. It is the oldest and largest Norwegian Consulate General in the United States. The Consulate promotes Norwegian art and culture in collaboration with some of the city’s leading institutions, and aims to foster cultural exchange. The Consulate supports the arts and culture arena in New York through visitor programs for press, curators and presenters within a wide range of cultural fields, in addition to facilitating for and providing financial support to projects taking place in the city. Harriet E. Berg, Consul General in New York / Marit Gjelten, Deputy Consul General: Head of Cultural Affairs and Communications / Kristian Jul Røsjø, Consul, Cultural Affairs/Official Visits.