winter guests – America Ep. 2: Psychopatriot

Tour Dates

November 17, 2016 [Premiere]
Dansens Hus – Norway

Each scene and each word is magnified now. Everything has a resonance in light of the US election.
-Kate Pendry

America’s got a story. And it’s sticking to it. But where’s it written down? Where is the ‘Great American Novel’ for today? Even if America could be summed up in a single, great novel – would this really be the time to write it? When has America ever looked less great, or less novel?

In AMERICA – Ep. 2 – Psychopatriot, the European theatre company winter guests further explores its own responses to America, begun eight years ago in their play AMERICA – Visions of Love.

The company’s constant exposure to America’s self-mythologizing narrative in films, television and literature, always makes encountering America feel like meeting an old friend you’ve never met before. Two hundred and forty years on, and Europeans are still squinting suspiciously at the 50 States from the other side of a vast ocean.

There have always been outsiders trying to get inside America. And winter guests continue this ‘great’ tradition, as they puzzle together a new narrative from the subjective truths of ‘real Americans’ – living in America – and the company’s own delusions, and misconceptions, coming from the outside.

As part of an ongoing project (Episode 3 is coming in Autumn 2017), AMERICA Ep. 2 – Psychopatriot, explores how we consciously and subconsciously manipulate fact and fiction. And how easily fear can cause one to slip in to the other.



Creative Team
Direction: Alan Øyen, Andrew Wale, Kate Pendry, Krysten Cummings, Leander Øyen, Suzie Davies, Yvonne Øyen, Anton Skrzypiciel
Scenography: Åsmund Færavaag
Written By: Alan Lucien Øyen and Andrew Wale
Lighting Design: Torkel Skjærven
Sound Design: Gunnar Innvær
Costume Design: Stine Sjøgren
Film: Alan Lucien Øyen
Technical Manager: Martin Flack
Producer: Anne Cecilie Bodin Larsen

Psychopatriot was supported in part by residencies at Watermill Center and NYTW